Blending an additive to a resin blend is the most common way to change the appearance or characteristics of polyethylene film. Some of the most common additives are:






Color additives can produce tint or opaque film depending on the percent of color added in a blend

Slip is added to polyethylene film to reduce friction against itself or the equipment it is run on

Antistat can be added to a blend to help reduce the accumulation of a static charge

Antiblock is routinely added to prevent poly sheets from sticking together

UVI or ultraviolet inhibitor helps prevent sunlight damage to the film or bag



UVA or ultraviolet absorber protects the product inside of the bag or film from UV rays and sunlight damage

VCI or volatile corrosive inhibitor is added to film to prevent the enclosed metal objects from rust and corrosion. We partner with Daubert-Cromwell, specialists in VCI additive products, as our VCI supplier