Step 1: Selection

As we select sources to purchase recycled raw materials from, it is all about consistency. Consistency in streams of the same polyethylene material, consistency in the sources we purchase from and consistency in the performance of the material we use in our products.

To ensure consistency, a precise profile of the film type and quality we require is always provided to a prospective source. Any non-conforming sources are eliminated from our supplier base.

     Step 2: Inspection

Each shipment of plastic film is randomly and statistically inspected to determine the resin type and properties.

We use specialized lab equipment that permits an exact analysis of the material to ensure the correct polyethylene resins are processed. Any material that fails inspection is rejected and returned to the film source.

     Step 3: Sorting

Once the material is tested for resin type, it is sorted prior to processing. This ensures that resins with similar properties are consolidated with like property resins.

This important step is key to ensuring the strength properties and performance characteristics of our ECO Blend products.

     Step 4: Segregation

Once sorted, the resins are segregated so we know the properties of each batch of reprocessed resin.

We use 18 different silos and bins to ensure the grades of resin are identified and segregated in their correct location for future extrusion into ECO Blend products.

     Step 5: Matching

The final step in the process is matching to the application. We match the resin and the blend to the performance requirements of the application such as strength, slip, tensile, etc.

These five steps ensure that ECO Blend products perform as expected for you and your customers in a cost-effective and consistent manner. We are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a 100% guarantee on all of our products. If a product does not perform as expected for the intended application, we will either refund or replace the order.