Our philosophy at Wisconsin Film & Bag is embodied in our Mission, Vision and Guiding Values and brought to life each day by our dedicated and hard working team members.

Our mission is to amaze our customers with ease of doing business, quick responses and quality as we provide solutions to their packaging needs.

Wisconsin Film & Bag will become the standard by which our competitors measure themselves. We intend to be known as:

A company people want to work for, buy from and sell to.

We will maintain a consistent attitude toward employee involvement, personal development and incorporate unconditional integrity in all interactions with customers, suppliers, team members, shareholders and the community.

We are committed to sustained, profitable growth with a dedication toward excellence in quality, customer service and innovation.

We will also commit human and capital resources to improve our quality, control costs and expand our capabilities to meet our customer's needs.

To create a culture that exemplifies our vision to be a company people want to work for, buy from and sell to, we have incorporated Guiding Values that our team members operate from every day.

Guiding Value #1 People

Respect.  Everyone will be treated with dignity and respect.

Openness.  All of us have a shared responsibility to always listen to each other's ideas for improvement and concerns.

Fairness.  Managers are responsible to ensure that all team members are treated fairly and consistently. Team members are responsible for treating coworkers and WFB in a like manner.

Valued.  We appreciate the dedication of team members doing their jobs well and we value their ideas and suggestions to improve the organization.

Safety.  Nothing we do is worth hurting ourselves or others. We will provide the training and resources needed to ensure team members are able to perform their jobs safely.

Recognition.  We believe when team members demonstrate commitment to continuous improvement for themselves and their team, they directly and positively impact the growth of WFB. That kind of effort will be recognized and rewarded.

Guiding Value #2 Continuous Improvement and Learning

Development.  Through training and development programs, WFB enhances the value of team members to themselves and the organization as we consistently work to bring excellence to all operations of the business.

Quality.  It is important for all team members to remain constantly focused on exceeding customer expectations. We strive to delight our customers through innovation and quality so they experience the value and personal service provided by Wisconsin Film & Bag.

Innovation.  Change is necessary for growth. Openness to change, new ideas and new ways of thinking are necessary for us to continue toward improving our ability to satisfy our customers.

Guiding Value #3 Team

Involvement.  We know that all team members are capable of tremendous accomplishment and achievement. That achievement is possible when team members are focused on the results and enjoyment that come from being part of a collaborative team.

All Team Members are Needed.  All team members are needed for the total team to be most effective. Teamwork is the foundation to the way we choose to conduct our business and meet our customer requirements.