In order to meet and exceed our customers' expectations, we must match competitive prices and great service with consistent, quality products that perform as expected. We believe this begins with matching the right resin blend to meet the performance requirements of the application.

To help us achieve this goal and deliver quality products, we have implemented a comprehensive Quality Program designed with Lean and Six Sigma principles. Our Quality Program includes:

Process Improvement Teams.
We don't just talk the quality talk, we walk the walk. We invest both human and capital resources in our Process Improvement Teams which are cross-functional teams brought together to explore continuous improvement and process improvement opportunities.

State-of-the-Art Quality Lab.
Our on-site Quality Lab is home to an extensive list of specialized equipment that allow us to test characteristics of the plastic before, during and after manufacturing. Our testing capabilities include:


          COF (Slip)


          Measure tech




Standardization of Processes.
Through the use of Work Instructions and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), we are able to create consistency and repeatability in our work.

Training and Development.
From an extensive on-boarding program to continuous learning opportunities, our team members actively participate in our Quality Program and are developed to ensure they are successful and produce quality products.

At Wisconsin Film & Bag, we invest in quality people and quality processes because we know the success of our customers depend on it.