Wisconsin Film & Bag, Inc. Earns 2010 Summit Award at Consona Connect User Conference 

INDIANAPOLIS, October 13, 2010 – Consona Corporation (Consona), a worldwide leader in providing customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and services for companies of all sizes, today announced at its premier user conference, Consona Connect, that Wisconsin Film & Bag, Inc. (WFB) is the 2010 recipient of the software provider's Best Overall Use award.


The Best Overall Use Award honors a customer that has been able to demonstrate excellence in utilizing multiple applications of their chosen solution, in this case, the DTR ERP solution. Recipients of the award submit both qualitative and quantitative data that illustrate how the solution has improved the customer's overall business performance. Award recipients display full use of both core and add-on solutions, steady business growth, a strong return on investment, and a passion for implementing and mastering new technologies.


WFB first implemented DTR to replace a number of manual side systems. Since then, the company has implemented several upgrades and modules to augment DTR and ultimately optimize its operations. Specifically, WFB has used DTR to understand its manufacturing performance in detail, manage its inventory and eliminate time-consuming manual processes. DTR has also helped in WFB's marketing strategies: Through the use of captured shift reporting data, WFB has been able to identify target types of businesses and focus marketing strategies to better serve from those types of companies. In addition, customizations to the DTR ERP system have resulted in labor savings and ensured data accuracy.

Additional benefits WFB achieved using the DTR ERP solution include:

·         Elimination of manual data entry, saving approximately two hours of paperwork per shift (four hours per 24 hours).

·         Savings of approximately $15,000 per month in record-keeping hours and an ROI of 200 percent.

·         Fifty percent improvement in inventory accuracy through elimination of manual operations in the shipping department.

·         Reduction in the time needed for the physical inventory process from four hours to two hours.

·         Improved ability to align pricing objectives and target capital expenditures for best market penetration and differentiation.

·         Increase in daily production output by 10 percent over the company's historical rate.

“Like any company, we're focused on delivering the best possible product to our customers. Part of how we're able to do that is by utilizing TMM to ensure internal processes are streamlined, our employees are focused and on track, and production is running smoothly,” said Carol Jochman, Business Systems Manager, Wisconsin Film & Bag, Inc. “With the proper tools in place, we will continue to serve our customers well and maintain a solid lead in the industry.”

“We're thrilled to honor Wisconsin Film & Bag with a Summit Award for the best use of the DTP ERP solution,” said Jeff Tognoni, CEO, Consona. “The company's use of the solution is a great example of the ways companies can use all their resources — people and technology — to gain efficiencies, solve everyday problems and cut costs.” 


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