Wisconsin Film & Bag was selected as the winner of the 2011 Manufactures of Distinction Innovation 360 award by the Northeast Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce.

WFB was recognized for its commitment to sustainability in business through its ECO Blend ™ product line of recycled content plastic film and bags. In addition, the Company was recognized for its new Riopelle-Bush Recycling Center with a proprietary process designed to recover and reuse 16 million pounds of post-consumer, industrial packaging materials.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council data, the recycling of 8,000 tons of post-consumer polyethylene film scrap will save 452,000 mBtu of energy and 2,768 tons of CO2 emissions compared to producing virgin resin. At the same time, the recycling of post-consumer scrap will reduce landfill use.

Note: NRDC data indicates a savings of 56.5 mBtu per ton of polyethylene recycled and .346 tons of CO2 per ton of polyethylene film scrap that is recycled.

8,000 tons x 56.5 mBtu = 452,000 mBtu

8,000 tons x .346 tons of CO2 = 2,768 tons of CO2 eliminated

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