Impact on Businesses

Waste Not  increases profitability.  It reduces costs by reducing the amount of material sent to the landfill including container costs, transportation costs, and tipping fees.

It shows the company's commitment to the environment and corporate citizenship integral to your public and employee relations plan.



Our Commitment

Our commitment to sustainability is to create products with resources already available.  Wisconsin Film & Bag manufactures ECO Blend™  film and bag products utilizing recycled material.  Material that used to go into the land fill now goes into our ECO Blend™  products.

The Recycling Center provides a domestic resource for low density polyethylene recycling.  We are creating high quality products and jobs right here in America.

Our process is transparent and third party audited.  This allows our customers to measurably reduce their carbon footprint and document it in their sustainability plans.


Waste Not

Wisconsin Film and Bag and the WFB Recycling Center "put plastic back to work again" by creating recycled products from post consumer and post industrial low density polyethylene waste streams. 

The Waste Not™  program helps companies recycle their plastic packaging material and reduce costs while making a strong statement of commitment to the environment and sustainability by putting the material back to work in quality products that companies will want to use.

About US

Wisconsin Film and Bag manufactures plastic film and bags serving industrial and food packaging applications for over 30 years.  Our exceptional customer service and high quality manufacturing have helped us grow to 125 employees at our facility in Shawano Wisconsin.


Working Together

Wisconsin Film and Bag has been involved in recycling for over 15 years.  During the past few years, we have focused our resources on creating a proprietary process that gives us the ability to produce post-customer, recycled content plastic film and bags.  Our process allows us to "put plastic to work again" instead of finding its way to a land fill.

As important as providing recycled content products is the need to help recover the used material commonly discarded.  We have teamed our ECO Blend™  recycled content packaging products with our Waste Not™  program to help companies recover plastic film from their business and put it back in use.

We work with your company to provide logistical support and a turn key solution for recovering your packaging scrap, saving money, and helping the environment.








Riopelle-Bush Recycling Center

1075 S. Airport Road

Shawano, WI 54166


Phone: (715)524-2568

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Recycling Facts

Recycling stretch film and other polyethylene products is not difficult and it will save you money.  Landfill rates vary, but can be anywhere from $40.00/ton to $90.00/ton.  Reducing the amount put in your containers will save on these costs.

Plastic film waste has about one-third density of other mixed waste.  This means that you are filling up your containers at a faster rate increasing transportation and tipping fees.

According to results obtained from EPA's ReCon Tool Version 5, each truckload of recycled film equals the carbon footprint of six passenger cars.

It's easy.  All you have to do is:

-Keep material sorted

-Provide on-site resources (space)

-Help us determine the best schedule

for picking up.